A light bodied red (caramel) wine derived from the fermentation of pineapple. A table wine, which improves appetite and promotes digestion is perfect for those who desire wine but for health reasons are unable to tolerate sugar.


This is a light-bodied dry white wine. It has an alcohol content of 10% and a mellow taste associated with adequate maturation combine to make it an excellent table wine, which improves appetite and promotes digestions. It is suitable for those desire wine but for health reasons are unable to tolerate sugar.


Made through fermentation of pineapple by adopting the exponential feeding method, which makes it possible to obtain an alcohol content of 15%. Although Jacobs Tonic Wine is an aperitif, it can also be enjoyed as a dessert wine.

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Topman Pineapple Brandy is obtained by blending pineapple wine, portable ethanol, invert sugar and caramel in a manner that ensures consistency of quality and delicate balance of the taste elements. The unique sweetness derived from invert sugar produced in-house, balances the high alcohol content thus producing a mellow and flavoursome product following a long maturation period. The brownish red colour is obtained by the addition caramel produced in-house in line with our high quality requirements.

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A desert wine characterized by rich fruit content, high alcohol content and unmistakable sweetness, this wine was produced naturally by pineapple pulp fermentation in which exponential feeding was applied.


This product is as a result of intense research effort aimed at finding a suitable substitute for communion wine derived from vinefera grape fruit but which could not readily be produced in Nigeria owing to non availiability of grape. Jacobs Sanctuary Wine is full bodied wine with an alcohol content of 10% and burgundy colour,  having a noticeable pineapple bouquet.

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