Established in 1985, we are pioneering pineapple wine technology in Africa...


Jacobs Wines Limited started in 1985 following several years of research conducted by Dr. Frank  S. U. Jacobs, MON, the lecturer turned industrialist, on the use of various Nigerian fruits in wine-making. This culiminated in the establishment of the first ever pineapple winery in Africa.

Registered Name: Jacobs Wines Limited
Registered Number: RC 127,723
Date Of Incorporation: 16 March 1989
Production Capacity: 1.08 Million Liters Per Annum

                                   MD/CEO: MR ROYSTON JACOBS


Our Mission as a corporate body is to combine learned expertise with available natural resources to create wealth for the development and sustenance of an economically stable and self-sufficient society. Accordingly, we produce assorted brands of wine from pineapple fruit in the rural settings, where our activitities have contributed to the rapid development of the community.


The company's philosophy is grounded on the belief to always get what we need from what we have, thus import substitution, backward integration and utilization of local raw materials remain our goal and objective.

We know it, we make it, REAL WINES....